Where to Buy the Best Confinement Food for New Moms

Having a baby is a life-changing experience, and it's important for new moms to take the time to rest and recover during the postpartum period. During this time, it's important to nourish the body with confinement food that is specially designed to help the mother heal and recover. But where can you find the best confinement food? Here are some of the top places to buy confinement food in Singapore.

Founded in 1957, Heng Foh Tong Medical Hall specializes in natural revitalization and healing through herbal dispensaries. With over a hundred years of experience, the first-generation owner, Mdm Ng, along with second-generation owner Peter Lee and his wife, Mdm Chye, have dedicated their lives to learning the wisdom of natural improvement for the human body and their commitment to sharing the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has given them allowed to offer one of the most complete collections of herbs of traditional Chinese medicine in Singapore. Heng Foh Tong also offers 28 and 38 day confinement packs, which aim to achieve postpartum recovery in new mothers with Chinese herbs. These include promoting blood circulation, strengthening the immune system, preventing fluid retention and improving breast milk production.

Nouriche has been providing nutritious food for confinement to new mothers for more than 10 years. From healthy lotus seed soup and Sheng Hua tonic with pork ribs to delicious vegan dishes and refreshing homemade teas, NouRiche offers a variety of menu options to choose from. If you long for that maternal care during childbirth, Happy Mummy is for you. It serves food cooked by chefs and designed by mothers and grandmothers who know the needs of the confinement diet from experience.

Mama J is a retired nanny and nanny with more than 20 years of experience. Going beyond the delivery of delicious food, Mama J's is proud to provide a comprehensive solution for moms' postpartum recovery for 30 days, and even until the full month baby party. Its 28-day package is divided into 10 days and 18 days later, in which the first cycle includes soft foods to support digestion, and the second cycle includes savory dishes, soups and milk production enhancers.

Nouriche's head chef once led the culinary team of a prestigious confinement center for mothers in Taipei, so he knows a thing or two about meeting the dietary needs of new moms while making sure they are as tasty as they are nutritious. Thomson Baby also offers a collection of halal confinement menus called Resepi Ibunda (in Malay for “Mother's Recipe”), prepared and delivered by a local catering company Caterfresh Pte Ltd. Each confinement meal also comes with 1 liter of homemade confinement tea, either osmanthus red date tea or premium red date Dang Shen tea.

No matter what your food choices allow, try to introduce more variety into your confinement by ordering two different catering companies. Specially prepared to help with proper nutrition, while supporting lactation and other physiological needs, these on-demand meals provide a healthy and convenient option for new moms in confinement. Another great healthy confinement food option you can consider is Noor Confinement Singapore. A super-practical confinement food expert, she goes to the market every day to choose the choicest and freshest ingredients that promote recovery and well-being.

These are just some of the places where you can buy confinement food in Singapore. Mothers are advised to rest and feed during this time (for at least 30 days) to help the body recover fully. You can have confinement tea, crackers, bread, hot fruits, or other healthy snacks if you are hungry between meals and to ensure you stay hydrated.

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