What is Chinese Confinement Food? A Comprehensive Guide

Chinese confinement food is a type of cuisine that is specifically designed for new mothers who are in the post-birth period. The meals are meant to help the mother get back into healthy eating habits and provide her with all the nutrients she needs. Confinement food is a term that refers to pre-prepared or ready-to-eat meals, which are designed for consumption while in the hospital. These meals can be purchased through a confinement food delivery service or received as gifts from friends and family members. According to Chinese medicine, confined foods serve primarily to nourish and replenish blood and give the body more yang, or warmth, through “hot” foods. Ginger, Chinese angelica root (dang gui), red beans (adzuki) and sesame oil provide warmth. Pork legs, peanuts and papaya increase breast milk. Traditionally, they use a lot of ginger, wine and sesame oil in their diet. This Chinese-style soup with slices of fish and green papaya can be consumed daily and helps to increase breast milk production. Cooked long-grain or jasmine white rice — 2 cups Chopped chicken fillets — 260 g pork liver — 320 g thinly sliced pork trot — 1 whole (1.2 kg cut into smaller pieces) Young ginger — 200 g (sliced). It is considered one of the best confinement food recipes, not only for recovering moms but also for women on their periods or for anyone who needs an immune system boost. The month of confinement diet is the cornerstone of this practice, as it is believed that eating nutritious foods is what will help the mother's body heal and rebalance. This is one of the easiest confinement food recipes to prepare and contains plenty of nutrition to support your body in recovery. Include dietary fiber It is not uncommon for them to become constipated during confinement due to less activity and also a myth that vegetables should not be eaten during confinement. But more importantly, its anti-inflammatory active ingredients rich in fibre and protein make it a portion of food for confinement. The ranked 6 food recipes for confinement to boost your postpartum immunity appeared first on TheAsianParent: your guide to pregnancy, baby% 26 parenting. The confinement food menu was also adapted to help speed up the mother's recovery from her “weakened body”. This dish is as common as it is with confinement food recipes, courtesy of its great nutritional support is abundant proteins. It seems to me that having confinement foods is useful for my recovery and breastfeeding, and surprisingly I also find them tasty. This special diet is made up of confinement foods aimed at specific functions such as dispelling the “wind” from the body, calming the heat, increasing blood circulation, increasing the mother's milk supply, revitalizing strength, etc.

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