Can I Eat Spicy Foods During Confinement?

The recovery phase of a woman's body after childbirth is a delicate time, and eating spicy foods can delay the healing process. These foods can cause hemorrhoids and constipation, so it's best to avoid them. But if you're breastfeeding, can you still enjoy the spicy dishes you love?There is no evidence that suggests that spicy foods should be avoided while pregnant or breastfeeding. Eating these foods can cause abdominal pain, constipation, and bloating.

If you're breastfeeding, it's best to stay away from them as they can affect the taste of your milk and make your baby gassy. However, there is no proof that eating spicy foods will make your baby irritable or uncomfortable. While a small amount of the spice may pass into breast milk, it won't have any effect on your baby. In many cultures, mothers eat spicy foods while breastfeeding without any issues.

If you do eat spicy foods while breastfeeding and notice any of the above symptoms in your baby, stop eating them for a week and reintroduce them later to observe the baby's reaction. Cold foods and drinks as well as raw foods can disrupt the stomach and spleen and prevent the body from releasing toxins. It's important to remember that overall, evidence shows that breastfeeding helps protect babies from food allergies, so don't eliminate any food without consulting a healthcare provider first. During confinement, it's best to avoid certain foods such as radish, watermelon, pear, persimmon, tangerine, coconut, green beans, Chinese cabbage, water spinach, and watercress.

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